Real Estate


Drone Photograph

Just today, San Diego Reader wrote the land above this bluff will be developed (link to article).  The 16 acre beachfront property was estimated to be worth $78 million. The Tibbot Family’s estate home and barn was built in the 1920s. When the last Tibbot owner passed away in the 1990s, the land was donated to Scripps Memorial Hospital. Eventually a fire destroyed the large vacant home. The 90 year old residing in a smaller dwelling on the 16 acres sold it to Robert Green Co partnered with Zephyr. They’ll likely build a resort with about 100 private dwellings.


Just by coincidence here is a novice painting I did today, with inspiration from the drone photograph. I know more detail can be added, but I think I’ve about had enough of painting for a the next year. Anyone want to purchase the painting, asking price is $78 million. Okay okay, I’ll take $780,000 to buy one of those new coastal dwellings, which at that location/price probably be a condo.

Del Mar Dog Beach Painting

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